Tuesday, August 24, 2010

too much scanning.

above: printmaking pholio done.
pre-mounting a few things.
i love eyebrows. whoever expected that might eventuate.
you can't use pen in here.man yawning so.very.loudly.
had essay on Picasso's Weeping Woman. went a bit Picasso mad. tried to draw EVERYTHING EVER.
girl with bird. favourite? one of.
Picasso and boy from train.
blending fashion designers. mushing together a bit of John Galliano+Jean Paul Gaultier.
with a bit of Jess over the top. :{
my fish-hair lady. without reference and with (i like to think intentionally) distorted limbs.
and ribcage.
from catwalk photograph. designer forgotten.
white curled wig, diagonal sheer-opaque dress.
left: del kathryn barton
right: jess-interpretation
scrolling through Lambros' photos.
drawing miss ainslee meredith. quite a bit repeatedly..
fantastical hair.
drawing class started.
didn't know what to do.
opened little book.
had massive piece of paper.
started painting on it.
then went back to book and did some 'where to go next?' trials (below) (four)
below: photographed large-paint progress
with scale. note: moleskine on floor.
and anchored masking tape at the top.
further indication of scale: when i stand on the ground (on the bottom of the paper. in my socks.) and put my arm up (either arm, they're about the same length) i have to stand on my toes to reach the masking tape.
big. portrait.
(resemblance isn't quite right yet. i hadn't printed a picture. i was trying to do it from my initial biro sketch)two sets of eyes. one open, one closed. intending to add in blue to open eyes.
and more charcoal sketchy lines.
but next week. on tuesday. because it's too big and raining to take home and forth.above: discussed with Finn a preference for wearing socks without shoes.
established that each of us had dusty socks for this reason.
curioused selves with what might happen were inanimate objects less inanimate and more disagreeable.
and more likely to paint back.

while i'm name dropping,
perhaps a re-cap and visit-encourage:


in name size order.

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  1. wowza!!! just plain wowza...

    but also, you have captures Ainslee beautifully, and your posing, in your fashion drawings are wonderful, so alive. Jess you are brillaint.