Wednesday, September 8, 2010

beautiful things from the library:above x 3: Picassoabove x 2: Glass World '91 (Japan)
above: my favourite glass thing ever so far.
it is called 'Nightmare'.
oh my god i like it so much.

(i've eliminated all the pages with just clothing designs. they're no fun until i actually make them)
above x 4: dr sketchy's life drawing.above right: picasso. as at top of post. yeah. boys with flowers in their hair.
above x 2: drawing lecturer during tute.
above: trying to draw everything i can see while lying sideways on an art gallery couch rectangle. running out of space on the page. i can see bigger than my book.
above: blind contouring two hands and a face.
above x 2: life drawing.
above: donut bag.
more of this life drawing session to come.
and more of uni life drawing session to come.
more of scanning in general.
but for now, more of cold pizza.


  1. beautiful Jess, sorry I didn't coem to life drawing, next week for sure!

  2. cool last couple and pizza yes