Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GDS in The Australian

my gran left a message on the answering machine today 
saying something about my name in the paper,
so i went a-searchin' on the internet, and thar ya have it.
Going Down Swinging in The Australian, with a mention!


look out for:
i'm going to post some of the illustrations and (secret) draft versions from GDS #31.


Friday, September 2, 2011

mirror cleaning

I'm cleaning to make room for art/life.
my bathroom mirror is a clutter, and is a nice example of me hoarding ideas.

so i'm going to not-let-go, but yes clean them off my mirror.
so i typed them here:

or hold clock.
both in lipstick.

various skin tone/
fleshy picture frames.
(white castle
with blushing pink corners --> frames with eyes -->same colour as paper: drawing continues onto frame. eg. HAIR.
Olof Bjork Surrender.

watercolour + paper + books + brushes.
+ shampoo toothpaste deodorant towel? soap?
Anonymous exhibition of hair + responses to it. bleach wax stages
Statement unrecognisable TITLES: blunt statements of process
Organic Cotton Underwear
El Lissitzky
DUCK HAIR: what is it saying about you?
wash + wear emotions.
The way clothes make you feel.
Machine wash canvas.
The way you make other people feel.
Clothes that project emotions.
Concept changing an object. duchamp
*Lift* -->
glitter nipples
The Non Binary Illustrated Flip Book
train station
i exist as a form which can be altered/manipulated.
respond to physical pressures.
my existence is mass produced
green pink white white
pink darkgreen lightgreen
bright blue yellow.
12 x beige watercolour stocking.
laughing cow.
soup hail
lavender brooches
set up photos: things that are hidden by mirrors. or exposed. --> receiving different information.
finger joint clothing joints.
scan photos + fish
three art things
moth women
elephant w internal teeth
things go wrong in social interaction
unicorn - glass with cherry pips
play on 'people break things.'
really disconcerting installation where hands drop/shatter things over time.
ceramic organs
bird feathers

or a new face
photograph of tshirt
drawn person
Entertaining (v.) thoughts
the human condition
the gaze
neutral states
strands of eyes
blue eyes
Proposing With Jess
A Book of Proposals
I felt like...
press item into clay
then fill cavity w slip. re-bisque.
slumping some glass over some ceramic rubble.
objects you never knew you needed.
feathers. using clay to display silly little objects or rubbish. fruit pip-holder.
scrunched paper stand.
zero + maria cornejo
pack for finn's. sleeping bag head torch batteries.
allow for broken pieces.
+ stringers + glue
+ thin fire paper (three layers)
+ safety pin
+ string
+ time
non-smoking gallery pick-ups.
'nude' opaque
black opaque
glass floor
furniture has patterns underneath
1/2 step room
patterns which align as furniture moves around
creating the ceiling for the 1/2 step room.
also double-sided rugs on floor.
Rita Shumaker

that's all. now everything should be lighter.
i just realised it's spring.