Thursday, December 16, 2010


BSG prints all lined up on a bench waiting for a train.
(presently on a wall)

feet at No Vacancy opening of Fit To Print
No Vacancy: screen printing demonstration
little taped drawing
loquats on the tram.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

this week !

things that have been fussed over for the last few weeks and are now calm and viewable this thursday and friday. respectively:

at no vacancy
34–40 Jane Bell Lane

6pm, Thursday 9th December 2010
(also viewable up until late December. but not christmas)

above: dry-point etched copper plate

above: proofs of prints. colour trials. with watercolour and inks. also available in b+w.
in editions of five.

also Ruby's things!
(Miss Ruby Aitken of splendidness and photoskills.)
(click link.)

322 Brunswick St,
(very near Johnston St)

6pm, Friday 10th December 2010
also viewable a bit after
above: proof. dry-point copper etched print. etched directly from life. free steak knives. (no)
also two other prints on a wall.
(in the black room. on the... i'm not sure which level.)
(but it's a nice room with other illustrative things)


Wednesday, December 1, 2010
above: stained glass hair
above: reference from yu'an's blog: here

all biro or fineliner with watercolour

Saturday, November 27, 2010

new fringe and new drawings.

i cut my hair.
and did some drawings.
0.05 fineliner
from my little brother.
and some dry-point copper etchings. or, rather, i did prints from them. the etchings are from late october. 28th, perhaps.
they were etched directly from life. (lifedrawing)
that is not to say that people actually had hands instead of faces though. that bit isn't accurate.

above: regular print in black
above: print came out not-as-desired. lines were subsequently outlined in black fineliner and then flesh hand-coloured with watercolours.
above: outlines left as printed, flesh hand-coloured with watercolours.
they have pink fingers.

all the etching/drawing things are probably worth clicking on to enlarge.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


some new things.
like butterfly hair and an eye nipple.
and some colourings.
; ink colouring and red marker lipstick.

how things might be if they didn't make so much sense.
or didn't try to.
or actively tried not to.
or if eyes could roam free around the hair and body.

new dresses will be uploaded on [place of sewing] shortly.
(which may mean tomorrow morning, but hopefully means now)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

i have no pupils

above: some legs
top rectangle: photography studio: people (and one umbrella) (and one stool)
bottom rectangle: inanimate objects
looking at the same space in photography studio
above left: chair
above right top: some legs taking photographs
above right bottom: some hands.. or more specifically, 'photography hands'
the two on the left are holding cameras. the one on the right is hand(s) on hip(s).
above: i'm sitting on the floor
with jason's lunch :P
Dear Jason,
thanks fer lettin' me hang around and stuff.
(i got to watch studio photographying. it was good. and amusing.)
above: some naked photography feet walking around
above: the view out of the fitzroy window
above: photo in magazine as reference.
getting a little bit distorted and waify and multiple limbs and topless. and blank stare. can it be a 'stare' without pupils?

out the window on the third floor of GOMA
gallery of modern art in Brisbane.
so many lines!
draw properly v. miss the plane home. hmm.
(p.s. this was also outside the Simryn Gill exhibition and i now like her a lot. and they had all her gallery booklets and i looked at every single page and it was obsessive and compulsive and enjoyable.)
(*collects things*)

Friday, October 8, 2010

i was thinking about hairlines.

drawing on some cds.
tom waits - alice
(from david tenniel's drawing of alice. and the fish that is on the actual cd cover. *pulls back curtain. greets fish*)
camille - le fil

train station update. mostly blind contour on found myki receipts.
photocopied and inked.
buckled the paper. as it should.finn in the car.
a fence and a fence shadow.
in a tower.
i didn't feel like mentally flipping the image as i etched it, so it is in reverse.
drypoint copper etching of 'in a tower'.
part of daylesford adventures with finn.
perhaps a kitchen etching to follow.
i was trying to get tone in the first one
and not in the second one.
the second one is all about melted cheese arms
and there are also two hidden faces in shadows and knuckles.
trying to draw a building while walking. needed a few pauses.
note perspective change across the page. ha.

uhhhhm. drawing on the train home.
i was thinking about hairlines.

Monday, September 27, 2010

drawing in fives

how handy.
blogspot uploads in fives.

coloured photocopies:
i am still the same as when i was five.
i never wanted to colour-in colouring books. because i could only do it once. and i wanted to do it repeatedly.
above: Berol Eaglecolour markers. which smell amazing.above: Winsor & Newton ink - 969 - ultramarine (mum's, which for some reason she has scrawled a date on the back of: '29/3/77')above: ink&marker happy times.