Friday, October 8, 2010

i was thinking about hairlines.

drawing on some cds.
tom waits - alice
(from david tenniel's drawing of alice. and the fish that is on the actual cd cover. *pulls back curtain. greets fish*)
camille - le fil

train station update. mostly blind contour on found myki receipts.
photocopied and inked.
buckled the paper. as it should.finn in the car.
a fence and a fence shadow.
in a tower.
i didn't feel like mentally flipping the image as i etched it, so it is in reverse.
drypoint copper etching of 'in a tower'.
part of daylesford adventures with finn.
perhaps a kitchen etching to follow.
i was trying to get tone in the first one
and not in the second one.
the second one is all about melted cheese arms
and there are also two hidden faces in shadows and knuckles.
trying to draw a building while walking. needed a few pauses.
note perspective change across the page. ha.

uhhhhm. drawing on the train home.
i was thinking about hairlines.

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  1. love the alice drawing! thanks for visiting my blog...and thanks for the correction on Stina Persson (not sure what happened). xoxo