Saturday, October 16, 2010

i have no pupils

above: some legs
top rectangle: photography studio: people (and one umbrella) (and one stool)
bottom rectangle: inanimate objects
looking at the same space in photography studio
above left: chair
above right top: some legs taking photographs
above right bottom: some hands.. or more specifically, 'photography hands'
the two on the left are holding cameras. the one on the right is hand(s) on hip(s).
above: i'm sitting on the floor
with jason's lunch :P
Dear Jason,
thanks fer lettin' me hang around and stuff.
(i got to watch studio photographying. it was good. and amusing.)
above: some naked photography feet walking around
above: the view out of the fitzroy window
above: photo in magazine as reference.
getting a little bit distorted and waify and multiple limbs and topless. and blank stare. can it be a 'stare' without pupils?

out the window on the third floor of GOMA
gallery of modern art in Brisbane.
so many lines!
draw properly v. miss the plane home. hmm.
(p.s. this was also outside the Simryn Gill exhibition and i now like her a lot. and they had all her gallery booklets and i looked at every single page and it was obsessive and compulsive and enjoyable.)
(*collects things*)