Sunday, June 20, 2010

collage of collager.

as mentioned previously (collage trial part A),
i went to a talk at the NGV where fiona macdonald spoke.
and so this mini-collage was born.
she made lots of nice hand gestures, and helf them still for a number of seconds. making them super to draw.
so i did.
i think i have them pretty accurately on the sides of her body according to which hand was making the gesture.

A. note-taking page
B. some of the little cut-out paper pieces which were all over the keyboard
C. a gesture of hands. i'm making up collective nouns.

crazy rabbit ladies.

crazy rabbit lady.
crazy rabbit lady's friend with a fringe.
crazy rabbit lady with human-ear locations.
crazy not-sure-whether-to-be-a-rabbitlady-or-a-mothhead.
it's a difficult decision.
so she asked nicely for both in non-opaque layers.

and this is an erotic fairy. um. because.
oh and an amazing moth fellow! with chin-wings. (s)he is a luna moth.
and green.

the fond adventures of crazy rabbit lady and erotic moth girl.

moths are entirely hair.

my favourite conversation of the day:

jess says:
if you could have any animal on your head, what would it be?
Mr Finn says:
A sugar glider.
Mr Finn says:
Wait is it trained?

I was drawing flower hair yesterday, and today it seemed that moth hair might be good also.
so today I want moth hair.
with an acrylic background.

Friday, June 18, 2010

collage trial part A

photo: taken by my mum. (y)
at the ron mueck exhibition.
little drawing: mine. inspired by romance was born. from memory. i was drawing it on the train to stop myself from staring at all the interesting people.
i'm. experimenting with cut-outs.
because today I went to a talk at the ngv for the 'stick it!: collage in australian art' exhibition.
and listened to fiona macdonald talk. and she was interesting. and her collage is really wonderful and curious. mine is just a bit of an image mash-up still.
and i know there is a bit of drama about plagiarism and i'm sorry but i don't remember where i got the next few pictures that i have cut up and arranged.
the backgrounds are mine. the future-tense goal is for them all to be mine or used with permission.


dear mum's graphic design markers from when i was six...
also, you smell amazing.


bird with handwing
small hammered circle of scrap
wire spectaclesfoamy heads
giving scale to 'little wire portraits'
little wire portraits
large wire head
centipede + ant
car lights. cardboard + found object

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

7 minute painting.

Painting back.
Painty fingers.
Flash and timer. Blue paint on camera, just a little bit.


comes with a video.
film stills soon to be here:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

stayed up later with the promise of bubbles.

Things leftover from last night:

Things which are just scraps of white editing paper that i left to sleep in the scanner:

Things leftover from thismorning:


It is punctuation hair.
with a book-binding stitch.
And slightly to the right is embracing the large - in fact blue - ribbon that i was wearing at the time. Mmm neat grey hair.

Also, I too expected that there would be more bubbles.
and maybe there will.


white paper patches.

life drawing on wood with compressed charcoal and gesso.


I'm only in the mood for some of the things on the pages.
So I'm editing in the most amazingly technological sort of a way. With scraps of paper.

life drawing + acrylic.

life drawing + shirt and tie + sheer.

I wanted to use markers, because watercolours have been a bit stressy.
other things: left: person from uni, old french man that i have seen on the train three times with an MX wrapped and elastic-banded around his umbrella. some gnomes, a spoon in a sugar bowl, my glass of water, the little green circles from the ink of my calligraphy pen - i forgot to wash it. - a blanket with a hole in a gallery, its shadow, a cat from a film, four faces as portraits and then as masks.

The colours are from the above. So the picture colours are reversed. It turns out the colours still come through on thick paper. Which is fine - colouring both pages at once. Masks without edges.

bubbles :|

so many bubbles.