Saturday, June 5, 2010

white paper patches.

life drawing on wood with compressed charcoal and gesso.


I'm only in the mood for some of the things on the pages.
So I'm editing in the most amazingly technological sort of a way. With scraps of paper.

life drawing + acrylic.

life drawing + shirt and tie + sheer.

I wanted to use markers, because watercolours have been a bit stressy.
other things: left: person from uni, old french man that i have seen on the train three times with an MX wrapped and elastic-banded around his umbrella. some gnomes, a spoon in a sugar bowl, my glass of water, the little green circles from the ink of my calligraphy pen - i forgot to wash it. - a blanket with a hole in a gallery, its shadow, a cat from a film, four faces as portraits and then as masks.

The colours are from the above. So the picture colours are reversed. It turns out the colours still come through on thick paper. Which is fine - colouring both pages at once. Masks without edges.

bubbles :|

so many bubbles.

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  1. I wish I could draw people on trams like you can and do such wonderfully curvy lines. Good stuff bean.