Tuesday, January 24, 2012

geraniums ii

geraniums - The Crumbling Ecologies Project

last week i participated in The Crumbling Ecologies Project
(alongside artist sharon who makes beautiful scarves)
which was/is being thought/conducted/conceived/organised/followed-through by artist jasmine targett.
the project literally (and in most basic terms) involves dipping geranium leaves into
porcelain slip in a thin layer and then firing them in a kiln so that the leaf burns out and a rather lovely
and much delicate appearing leaf remains. the ideal is to have a thin enough layer that there are lots of veins (for aesthetic reasons).
the project discusses craft and its role in art and the (hopefully not, but likely) impending doom of
subjects such as glass and ceramics in universities.
geraniums were selected to represent this as, in many parts of the world,
they are becoming endangered or extinct, and also for being socially associated with old and outdated.
(slash they remind me or grandparents and so i think they're really nice.)

(if you'd like to read an explanation with less brackets you can find it here)

also i did a drawing where geraniums are growing through a person. she is a part of the stem.


Monday, January 2, 2012


snail lady in the bath

i'm not sure who to credit the background image to. it was on tumblr, and as if that didn't make it far enough from the source,
 i saved it months ago without any relevant information. i made the lady purple and then it just seemed perfect that she 
would have purple baths. with her snails. she just dyed her hair. the snail is making ice crystals with its eyes. out of 

trying to look more worked and less not worked.
interested in feedback.

"it looks like you did it with your eyes closed."
well, sort of true. i had my eyes open for the colours at least.

Snail Lady

Jil Sander S/S 2012

some scribbles while watching the Jil Sander show on youtube. all from stills 
except the 2nd image, which is outfits drawn/scribbled 'live' i.e. without 
pausing the pictures. y'know. for practice.

anyway, they make me really happy. particularly the bigger ones. and the first one. 
i think it reminds me of the 'favourite' from the previous post with the snails coming 
out of the lady's toes. 3d and 2d coming together as happy friends.


new book again. one sided book.

bodily options 
new (slightly old now) book

wanting to wear MirĂ³
it was a fashion illustration, but i've forgotten from which show, *and* i just kept scribbling on it, so there isn't much/any resemblance left. i'd go with 'any'. the original photo probably did have a nose, though.
Good Works poetry/spoken word fundraiser evening. little bits of text are quotes from the speaker. who i didn't write down the name of. should in future. top left: flo, right: raf
moth and ani (also poetry)
izzy, poetry.
jess trying to draw poetry: heart palm. veins with hearts growing out of fingers.
jar of self, spilt on the floor
dinner on couches and floor, green drink, cheesecake+blueberries, beautiful people who sing
trying to keep the lipstick forever.

rectangular prism thoughts
fishtank car
a family painting a painting.
flower roots.
train station plants, then the train came.
rocket queen at cherry bar.
this one's a favourite.

ummm, i wasn't and am not sure how to make an umbrella with scales and waterproof fish,
so i drew it instead (for the moment) (see if i still want it later).
do intend on making fluffy cat crop top and stretchy skirt, though.

 that's probably enough content for one post on a day that's this very hot.