Monday, January 2, 2012

new book again. one sided book.

bodily options 
new (slightly old now) book

wanting to wear Miró
it was a fashion illustration, but i've forgotten from which show, *and* i just kept scribbling on it, so there isn't much/any resemblance left. i'd go with 'any'. the original photo probably did have a nose, though.
Good Works poetry/spoken word fundraiser evening. little bits of text are quotes from the speaker. who i didn't write down the name of. should in future. top left: flo, right: raf
moth and ani (also poetry)
izzy, poetry.
jess trying to draw poetry: heart palm. veins with hearts growing out of fingers.
jar of self, spilt on the floor
dinner on couches and floor, green drink, cheesecake+blueberries, beautiful people who sing
trying to keep the lipstick forever.

rectangular prism thoughts
fishtank car
a family painting a painting.
flower roots.
train station plants, then the train came.
rocket queen at cherry bar.
this one's a favourite.

ummm, i wasn't and am not sure how to make an umbrella with scales and waterproof fish,
so i drew it instead (for the moment) (see if i still want it later).
do intend on making fluffy cat crop top and stretchy skirt, though.

 that's probably enough content for one post on a day that's this very hot.


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