Sunday, February 27, 2011

Conjoined Chins.

ink and fineliner friends

Friday, February 25, 2011


inspired by cocorosie. it's sort of the two in one.
and some poor photocopying. trial colouring.

reference: photoshoot from teen vogue march 2010
coloured the original. living on the edge.
markers and pencils and chalky pastels and inks and fineliner. really doesn't look like all of that.
i have a really vibrant pink ink, but the lid is jammed.

reference: a bird

Thursday, February 17, 2011

new book

these are two cups - one tea, one hot chocolate. two shakers - one salt, one pepper. one saucer,
one fish, my teddy - Jim - on my knee, braving the evening.these are my toes with eyes instead of nails. and eyes instead of joints.
i'm reading great expectations and enjoying pip's enjoyment of repetition. not necessarily exact.testing out all of the colours.further contemplating pencils. the conclusion being that The Way to Pencils(v.) is to use lots of different sets made by different people (/machines, i suppose) in lots of different places, and then throw them all together. because if they all came from the same box then you get the drawing that's on the box lid.trying to draw the noise on the train and slow-motionnew installment of Watching Train PeopleUm, something awesome that i came across AGES ago, and could not think how to search for on google. ('GIANT PINK RABBIT ON SOME GRASS' perhaps.) whichever, Cat and I re-found it in a book of Pink Art.and so now it's here.

///Gelitin pink rabbit, Italy

also super: Liz Bachhuber's polyurethane heart.

///Heart, 2005Polyurethan, ÄstePVC-Schläuche, Stahlschellen60 x 30 x 20 cm, 7.000.- EUR
ink blotted from a pane of glasscat and jess film plannings. projectors.wondering what a world of entirely positive feedback might be like. and not being told things are bad, and plucked eyelashesa bird in a bird in a birdsitting in maccas at 1am thinking about magazines and typeface and glossy pink raindrops and mostly about my cheeseburgers. whose wrappers got pasted in a bit.a succulent.colour blocking clothes! excited nose and glasses in my tea reflectionuhh. trying to get back into fashion illustration. Part 1. or 2, or something early-on.Right: (opening) at Fire Station Print Studio, Armadale.Jesse Dyer's show is on presently, and has some very nice prints and artists' books and a film of me being very new to profile: graduated from Monash Uni Printmaking 2010,has little+ stairs in his room, and chocolate cookies and wraps parcels in brown paper and tape. all very good things.

Thursday, February 10, 2011