Thursday, December 29, 2011

what did today look like.

Leon: The Professional (1994)

"what's fashion? i don't know what fashion is. the stuff that i like is crazy and different 
which i think fashion should be. i think fashion should be something that you've never seen before. 
something new and exciting. that's what i think true fashion is." (loosely quoted... like a summary quote. with less extra words.)

Larry Carlson, as mentioned in video above

© by U_Mag / Photography Teté Almeida / Art Intervention Eduardo Sancinetti at Galeria Mezanino 
Production Jaqueline Gentilin / Models Patrick Braun atFord Brasil, Henrique Reimann at Joy 
Special Thanks Drausio Gragnani & Daniela Raizel
this really excited me. it was so unexpectedfantastic. crayons. ! perfect !
(should definitely click and look at other pictures.)

 aand i tried to draw my reflection. i look a funny sort of dishevelled 
and my fringe is pinned to the sides and there is a nice amount of brown regrowth.

and this is a really great book that i bought from Mr. Kitly.
this shop is beautiful. at the top of floral stairs.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

trimapee drawing strikes again

(drawing from trimapee opening makes appearance on flyer)


Friday, December 23, 2011


ummm. the 'phew' is because i'm sure producing all those colours 
from your body blushing is exhausting.
first gif!
i think i will do hand drawn ones. 
don't have a tablet at the moment and touchpad thing and blunt fingers is... average.


i dunno, you have to click it for it to work.

hmm. alternatively, there's this glitchy photobucket version:


something's going on there.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

tomato street

i bought a roll of stretch fabric from an op-shop, cut out two circles and sewed them together 
leaving an opening for feet.
it felt like it deserved a better way of moving around than walking, 
particularly with the weight of the fabric and the stretchy bounce, 
so jumping was selected. 
and then i took it on a little jumping tour.

hyfrydol ep, right here, right now.

this is what it looks liek when it's real.
hyfrydol ep: jump in a puddle, flood the city


 above and below: some scribbles from the hyfrydol e.p. launch last night. 
got my copy on cee dee, with the lovely screen-printed case. 
i'll post it up. it went from being inside a pen to being a drawing to being a photoshop file to being transferred 
onto a silkscreen and now it's on canvasy fabric in navy blue. oh, to be a hand-drawn font.

photoboothing my sketchbook in the library.
these are some rose-stem bottle things. they don't really have opinions about the world because they're tired all the time. 
or they shut it out with their closed eyes. 
or they have so many opinions that they keep eyes and mouth shut lest they should escape. 
or their opinions are leaking out of the cut stem and into the jar. (not the one pictured, though, because its jar is empty.
indicating, by the last theory, that its opinions have leaked and have nothing to show for it.)
un-plucked flower things are better at keeping their opinions in.

the sun is setting almost, and it's dipping through the between-desk dividers 
and making light-lines that look like the fluorescent lights on the ceiling. 
also, chewing bread makes horrible sounds. library is empty, though.
books are listening to me chew.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bark Mag Issue 2

cover art

interview and illustrations



(all illustrations are pen and ink on white pages)

this month Issue 2 of Bark magazine is out. 
it is an online publication which can be accessed here: 
it likes arty and musicy stuff.
it looks pretty nice in fullscreen, so i recommend that,
and it's also free. 
so you can just stroll on over with your 
and flip through some digital pages.
it won't say 'click to read' once you're reading it. 
i typo-ed 'lick to read.'


borrowing and mucking around with an ipad, drawing with fingertips. 
had to zoom in a lot to get lines where i wanted them. apparently nails don't count.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

rmit 2nd/3rd year show

(the sun and clouds were crazy erratic today. every time i got the manual settings worked out. so i had to use auto.
i should set up a little perfectly lit book-documentation space. erratic-free. miniature White Cube.)
first page. audience/watching garments come down the catwalk from a sitting spot at the end.
people's knees and hands, all watching.
sketching things as they walk. 3 seconds? ha.
lots of shape stitching.
menswear in boots. (i shifted to another spot on the floor where the models were pausing a little longer).
want to colour this one in.
three models lined up side-by-side, quick silhouettes.
Monty, the photographer. (Nice to meet you!)
garments by Jack Hancock
Borris, with extended limbs.
Ella, looking like a fashion photograph. necklace, shoes, eyebrows... ...
(on list of things to colour-in)
there weren't really nipples. i drew a silhouette, and then the model kept walking.
so he got invented where he wasn't any longer.
favourite silhouette



Friday, October 28, 2011

trimapee blog

i just think it's funny having the full circle.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

line legs

just editing some stuff, and was about to erase this person from a page, and thought i would relocate them instead. teleporting between windows.
heck, to give the first one company.
various depictions of nude.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

crumple paged update

sketchbook photographs.
he got wet, so now it's going to be a long-term photos-only situation.
which is kind of nice. less like artificial-cheese yellow.
more like the colour that it actually is.
tamuz's performance/show, thinking about screenprinting, thinking about storing scissors
trimapee launch, 1 and 2, unedited to cleanliness.

some close bits:
this is what i want my room to be. in a forest.
bottle-vase ladies. keeping your flower supported. or being your flower.
with waterdrop eyes.