Thursday, November 17, 2011

 above and below: some scribbles from the hyfrydol e.p. launch last night. 
got my copy on cee dee, with the lovely screen-printed case. 
i'll post it up. it went from being inside a pen to being a drawing to being a photoshop file to being transferred 
onto a silkscreen and now it's on canvasy fabric in navy blue. oh, to be a hand-drawn font.

photoboothing my sketchbook in the library.
these are some rose-stem bottle things. they don't really have opinions about the world because they're tired all the time. 
or they shut it out with their closed eyes. 
or they have so many opinions that they keep eyes and mouth shut lest they should escape. 
or their opinions are leaking out of the cut stem and into the jar. (not the one pictured, though, because its jar is empty.
indicating, by the last theory, that its opinions have leaked and have nothing to show for it.)
un-plucked flower things are better at keeping their opinions in.

the sun is setting almost, and it's dipping through the between-desk dividers 
and making light-lines that look like the fluorescent lights on the ceiling. 
also, chewing bread makes horrible sounds. library is empty, though.
books are listening to me chew.

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