Monday, September 27, 2010

drawing in fives

how handy.
blogspot uploads in fives.

coloured photocopies:
i am still the same as when i was five.
i never wanted to colour-in colouring books. because i could only do it once. and i wanted to do it repeatedly.
above: Berol Eaglecolour markers. which smell amazing.above: Winsor & Newton ink - 969 - ultramarine (mum's, which for some reason she has scrawled a date on the back of: '29/3/77')above: ink&marker happy times.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

recenter things.

above: one of my favourite recent things.
drawing from the opening of the Stolen Moments pgotography exhibition in the city.
i was going to draw the little plants sitting on the bar, but then a lady came and stood infront of it.
so i drew her instead. and then her friend came and stood partly infront of her. so i drew him too. (he is the green trenchcoat)
bread wrapper.
from making jaffles.
black and white edge of a disintegrating paste-up,
yellow tape that was adhered to my face.
constructions near James Makin Gallery.
as stated, bottom rightleft: andrew, on the phone, a little cramped at his little chair and little desk.
get less sick (and higher desk) soon.
right: life drawingabove: life drawing.
sitting on the floor,
everything scattered around feet,
everything tipped out of my bags in search of interesting small of my favourite places at uni
with the trees and the ivy.
and the uh. shopping trolley.above: from photos by Jana (click)

above: most recent 'thing'.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

lifedraw. acrylic lady III

so many acrylic ladies.
i think this particular acrylic lady runs a lifedrawing society and administrates as well as modelling.
A1, acrylic and charcoal.
i had leftover yellow, so she became orange-r nearer the end.

lifedraw. acrylic lady II

(different acrylic lady)
A1 lady with a classic lego background.
actually, lego is pretty old.
it gets hard to juggle large rolled paper and a camera and sunlight through a window.
sometimes sneakers help.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

lifedraw. acrylic lady

A0 acrylic lady


"i'll take a better picture later"
biggest lie in the history of biggest lies.
instead, i will make something new, and endeavour to photo-document it better instead.

Piece A:
when i was little(er) i used to have recurring dreams about flying.
so this is a morphing of a human and a bird.
it was made inititally from sculpey and then a mould was created using... silpression?
i will look that up.
and then the final piece was made with epoxy resin. which is presently painted white. with a little brass pin on the back. (almost)

Piece B:
jewellery and glass being friends:
slumped/fused glass 'beads' (i suppose) with strings and safety pins and brass jewellery pieces.
cut out with a little tiny saw blade by hand.
glass and brass by jess. ( :D )

continuation of previous concept.
dreams and nightmares. glass representing nightmares, inspired by the glass piece in previous post entitled: 'nightmare' by Ivan Mares
and the brass representing the dreams.
left brass: lady silhouette with three ears on one side. representing distorted senses in sleep. hearing things that do not exist/
right brass: little hand. pinching self to see if awake/asleep. thinking you can feel things in dreams / pinching self in dream
strings: web of dreams. things connecting. in sensicle and nonsensicle ways. disjointed sense of time and progression and location during dream.

Piece C:
mind and body disconnected in dream.
active thoughts, generally still body.
body left behind.

also. body on its own:
continuation of swanperson. in the dreams i never had wings as such. so swanbird is more symbolic while this is more accurate to the dream. i just had more impressive arms.

Glass A:
99c glass vessel preparin' for a sandblastin'. :|
peacock feathers on the back and art-nouveau-esque naked lady with over-pronounced slightly thorn-esque spine.
(and no arms)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

beautiful things from the library:above x 3: Picassoabove x 2: Glass World '91 (Japan)
above: my favourite glass thing ever so far.
it is called 'Nightmare'.
oh my god i like it so much.

(i've eliminated all the pages with just clothing designs. they're no fun until i actually make them)
above x 4: dr sketchy's life drawing.above right: picasso. as at top of post. yeah. boys with flowers in their hair.
above x 2: drawing lecturer during tute.
above: trying to draw everything i can see while lying sideways on an art gallery couch rectangle. running out of space on the page. i can see bigger than my book.
above: blind contouring two hands and a face.
above x 2: life drawing.
above: donut bag.
more of this life drawing session to come.
and more of uni life drawing session to come.
more of scanning in general.
but for now, more of cold pizza.