Sunday, September 26, 2010

recenter things.

above: one of my favourite recent things.
drawing from the opening of the Stolen Moments pgotography exhibition in the city.
i was going to draw the little plants sitting on the bar, but then a lady came and stood infront of it.
so i drew her instead. and then her friend came and stood partly infront of her. so i drew him too. (he is the green trenchcoat)
bread wrapper.
from making jaffles.
black and white edge of a disintegrating paste-up,
yellow tape that was adhered to my face.
constructions near James Makin Gallery.
as stated, bottom rightleft: andrew, on the phone, a little cramped at his little chair and little desk.
get less sick (and higher desk) soon.
right: life drawingabove: life drawing.
sitting on the floor,
everything scattered around feet,
everything tipped out of my bags in search of interesting small of my favourite places at uni
with the trees and the ivy.
and the uh. shopping trolley.above: from photos by Jana (click)

above: most recent 'thing'.

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