Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"i'll take a better picture later"
biggest lie in the history of biggest lies.
instead, i will make something new, and endeavour to photo-document it better instead.

Piece A:
when i was little(er) i used to have recurring dreams about flying.
so this is a morphing of a human and a bird.
it was made inititally from sculpey and then a mould was created using... silpression?
i will look that up.
and then the final piece was made with epoxy resin. which is presently painted white. with a little brass pin on the back. (almost)

Piece B:
jewellery and glass being friends:
slumped/fused glass 'beads' (i suppose) with strings and safety pins and brass jewellery pieces.
cut out with a little tiny saw blade by hand.
glass and brass by jess. ( :D )

continuation of previous concept.
dreams and nightmares. glass representing nightmares, inspired by the glass piece in previous post entitled: 'nightmare' by Ivan Mares
and the brass representing the dreams.
left brass: lady silhouette with three ears on one side. representing distorted senses in sleep. hearing things that do not exist/
right brass: little hand. pinching self to see if awake/asleep. thinking you can feel things in dreams / pinching self in dream
strings: web of dreams. things connecting. in sensicle and nonsensicle ways. disjointed sense of time and progression and location during dream.

Piece C:
mind and body disconnected in dream.
active thoughts, generally still body.
body left behind.

also. body on its own:
continuation of swanperson. in the dreams i never had wings as such. so swanbird is more symbolic while this is more accurate to the dream. i just had more impressive arms.

Glass A:
99c glass vessel preparin' for a sandblastin'. :|
peacock feathers on the back and art-nouveau-esque naked lady with over-pronounced slightly thorn-esque spine.
(and no arms)

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