Thursday, November 10, 2011

rmit 2nd/3rd year show

(the sun and clouds were crazy erratic today. every time i got the manual settings worked out. so i had to use auto.
i should set up a little perfectly lit book-documentation space. erratic-free. miniature White Cube.)
first page. audience/watching garments come down the catwalk from a sitting spot at the end.
people's knees and hands, all watching.
sketching things as they walk. 3 seconds? ha.
lots of shape stitching.
menswear in boots. (i shifted to another spot on the floor where the models were pausing a little longer).
want to colour this one in.
three models lined up side-by-side, quick silhouettes.
Monty, the photographer. (Nice to meet you!)
garments by Jack Hancock
Borris, with extended limbs.
Ella, looking like a fashion photograph. necklace, shoes, eyebrows... ...
(on list of things to colour-in)
there weren't really nipples. i drew a silhouette, and then the model kept walking.
so he got invented where he wasn't any longer.
favourite silhouette


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