Tuesday, October 25, 2011

crumple paged update

sketchbook photographs.
he got wet, so now it's going to be a long-term photos-only situation.
which is kind of nice. less like artificial-cheese yellow.
more like the colour that it actually is.
tamuz's performance/show, thinking about screenprinting, thinking about storing scissors
trimapee launch, 1 and 2, unedited to cleanliness.

some close bits:
this is what i want my room to be. in a forest.
bottle-vase ladies. keeping your flower supported. or being your flower.
with waterdrop eyes.



  1. i love your style so much! will you ever sell/trade/print your drawings?

  2. feedback appreciation!
    yes yes aaaand yes. probably hand-printed. i'm going to try to get some images together in two weeks.