Saturday, October 8, 2011



left: jess at patricia piccinini talk at ccp
what my bedroom might look like hypothetically.
my clothes, as venn diagrams according to layering/overlap. and a list of everything i was wearing,
and then of everything i was carrying.
really, clothing is like carrying things.
something leaked and absorbed. but i have honestly no idea what or how it got on nothing else.
hands at Jo Lloyd's dance/show Future Perfect at Trades Hall in september.
thinking about how dance relates to my own sha-bang/explorations. incl. fashion.
clothes and measures.
trying to draw all the sounds in 5 minutes of my tutorial. sometimes accidentally ending up with drawings of hands,
sometimes on purpose, sometimes because the hands were making noise.
"it doesn't look comfortable."
"yes it does."

Vienna Exhibition - in the black pen. (in-between, sitting in the middle-room where pens were o-kay.)
(so i had to hold my thoughts)
plotting naked paintings. the vienna exhibition made me want to paint. / put paint on surfaces.
drawing winston at coffee, saturday morning.

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