Sunday, October 9, 2011

using photos as a sketchbook

predominately found objects, thinking what jewellery is (not very deeply for the moment)

some rocks i found that had been sprayed blue
onefinger ring, two/threefinger ring, undefined
made: fingersized nickel silver loops
to scale
glass like rain
from this onwards: combining things with instant thinking.
trying things out instead of disregarding them.
oh, hello. oops.
with organs and a brain.
collage of a sun, clouds, rain, earth
two/threefinger ring in action
putting it on different fingers. for different restrictions of movement.
"the claw"?
beak, tweezers, pincers,
;ring' collage
camera ran out of battery during upload, more to come (i think. i can't remember what was left.)


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