Thursday, December 29, 2011

what did today look like.

Leon: The Professional (1994)

"what's fashion? i don't know what fashion is. the stuff that i like is crazy and different 
which i think fashion should be. i think fashion should be something that you've never seen before. 
something new and exciting. that's what i think true fashion is." (loosely quoted... like a summary quote. with less extra words.)

Larry Carlson, as mentioned in video above

© by U_Mag / Photography Teté Almeida / Art Intervention Eduardo Sancinetti at Galeria Mezanino 
Production Jaqueline Gentilin / Models Patrick Braun atFord Brasil, Henrique Reimann at Joy 
Special Thanks Drausio Gragnani & Daniela Raizel
this really excited me. it was so unexpectedfantastic. crayons. ! perfect !
(should definitely click and look at other pictures.)

 aand i tried to draw my reflection. i look a funny sort of dishevelled 
and my fringe is pinned to the sides and there is a nice amount of brown regrowth.

and this is a really great book that i bought from Mr. Kitly.
this shop is beautiful. at the top of floral stairs.


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