Friday, June 18, 2010

collage trial part A

photo: taken by my mum. (y)
at the ron mueck exhibition.
little drawing: mine. inspired by romance was born. from memory. i was drawing it on the train to stop myself from staring at all the interesting people.
i'm. experimenting with cut-outs.
because today I went to a talk at the ngv for the 'stick it!: collage in australian art' exhibition.
and listened to fiona macdonald talk. and she was interesting. and her collage is really wonderful and curious. mine is just a bit of an image mash-up still.
and i know there is a bit of drama about plagiarism and i'm sorry but i don't remember where i got the next few pictures that i have cut up and arranged.
the backgrounds are mine. the future-tense goal is for them all to be mine or used with permission.

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