Saturday, November 27, 2010

new fringe and new drawings.

i cut my hair.
and did some drawings.
0.05 fineliner
from my little brother.
and some dry-point copper etchings. or, rather, i did prints from them. the etchings are from late october. 28th, perhaps.
they were etched directly from life. (lifedrawing)
that is not to say that people actually had hands instead of faces though. that bit isn't accurate.

above: regular print in black
above: print came out not-as-desired. lines were subsequently outlined in black fineliner and then flesh hand-coloured with watercolours.
above: outlines left as printed, flesh hand-coloured with watercolours.
they have pink fingers.

all the etching/drawing things are probably worth clicking on to enlarge.

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