Sunday, August 22, 2010

drypoint coppe.retching.

newsprint and cotton rag paper
dry-point copper etching

1. blue + black ink, mixed, on copper plate. can see tiny bit of trees.
2. blue + black ink with little paper stencil creating white areas
3. + 4. no extra ink applied. put through press again on shiny new paper.
5. through press twice: once with last of blue+black, then cleaned and once with black, lightly.
(5. can be enlarged lots :D)

waste of time: looking up

(fitzroy garden tree leaves)

flipped and without the newsprint. more accurate to the initial photograph.
i like the close-up.
you can - almost - see more/better than on the actual print.
(or it's my eyes. being inefficient.)

kind of love dry-point.

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