Wednesday, August 18, 2010

skinny pages.

new moleskine.
couldn't get the one i wanted.
now have very thin pages.
which are crinkling with the acrylic paint.

so expect some very ugly scans :D

but that's okay.

am doing a bit of copying at the moment. uni drawing classes want us to imitate. so the following are imitations:
(i haven't bothered to shrink them down. they might be nicer big. feel free to get click-happy)
(titles also present on enlargements)

left: by John Olsen
right: by Mondrian

above: by Mondrian
hee. paper wrinkles.

above: by John Olsen

no more imitations for now.

new things in new book:
uhm. drawing people's photos from facebook is going to ocur also. so uhm. keep an eye out for people you know?

left: (sideways) (tilt head to the right) hot chocolate at 3am
right: naked lady. with hands. and her hair is also hands. i'm not sure.
i wish sometimes my hair would do that.

above: unfinished. i got distracted by finding other things to draw.
like Will.
foldy pages. oops.
above: Will cutting his hair on skype.
above: lady from Vogue Australia. most recent copy. September?
edit: coloured her:

most exciting thing all week:
you know how sometimes you can feel improvement?
like. it doesn't matter whether other people can or cannot see it. but you look at something you do and just think "yes."

above: Isabella Blow and Daniel Lismore
acrylic and grey lead smooshed around on the page.

thanks for yer time :D


  1. I looked, i read, i appreciated, i smiled, i commented to prove i was here.

  2. well thankya, little lady ;)
    *tips hair-flowers*

  3. I love how you have captured the hair in the drawing of the reclining girl, Jes it's beautiful