Monday, August 2, 2010

bill henson lecture

35 blind contour sketches of bill henson from his lecture on light + dark + shades of grey.
i do like light and dark and grey. he says that most things are grey. he likes titian.
one, two, three, four, five, six
and an introduction.nineteen faces and two sets of hands rested intertwined on knees.
one face and nine hands. making discussion gestures.
nine faces, one small quote - "lost domain of childhood" - and one bill henson signature.
along with one softly-heard and unscripted quote:
"i need a wig."


  1. alright alright. Firstly, thankyou muchly for the kind words on my blog. Much appreciated :)
    Secondly, I took a trip over to your blog, and I'm really excited about it. This stuff is great. In relation to this post - blind contour drawings are so much fun. Your efforts during his talk turned out much better than mine. I was on the right hand side behind the cameras and I spent most of the speech drawing people in the crowd. One drawing of Henson.

    Love your work. I'm in 2nd yr drawing at the VCA. You? Do you know my friend, Jana? You follow her blog, EAT MY HEART OUT. Just wondering. Sorry for stalker comment. I'm just impressed.

  2. hello!
    you are welcome and thank you and yes, i go to uni with Jana. her clothes are good.
    i'm first year visual arts.
    just looked over your blog again and there needs to be an 'overall like' button.