Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Post

i chopped out the lady's eye. but it's okay, because she was just a copy.
moth people. who were stuck to flo's art party t.v.
someone a bit sideways from public transporting to gertrude street
for the gertrude street projection festival. went and watched the projection in a group of unknown people.
drew a violin. twice, and a chimney.

pink hair lady from train. she didn't really have pink hair. but i thought it might be interesting to stare at her and then draw her later when it was less obvious. heh. i hope the people i draw never find me or this. and then later her hair got pink.
then there are some people from another train trip. and thoughts and outlines from the Play With Your City (!) talk. and at the top a stamp from an exhibition at uni.
today only. but not tomorrow.
and thinking about knitting and umbrellas and the girl who walked past behind me while i was looking in a shop window and she had subtle stockings and was singing a little to herself.
the old man who i see on the train a lot. i should name him. or actually ask him. he seemed talkative with people the first time i saw him and drew him. from a distance, quietly.
this time he was dozing. and as i finished drawing him - from directly infront of him. ha. such a risk-taker - he woke up and stared out the window to assess the length of his journey and nap so far.

also flower people and kite's housewarming and fez+aaron's pARTy. with the cloud mattress of ultimate doom (almost).
bathroom in the nicholas building on swanston street.
i went to the Dancing Without Lessons thing at Blindside. which i liked. BUT. i'd have liked there to have been a part two. demonstrating Dancing With Lessons.
these things seem most valid with a before and after.
but i drew the bathroom. because it was old and all the pipes were on the outside of the walls and the inside of the room. read: visible.
and the sinks were old and the walls were old.
everything really, except what was either a soap or scent dispenser on the wall. either way it was a plasticy ugly.
and the door to the bathroom sat open a bit so that you could stand where i stood and observe inside and outside and the handrail down the stairs.
then someone came in and it seemed all a bit awkward.
feather - likely from a duster - or a bird - like the one depicted - which was found at the very bottom of the nicholas building. where it looked initially like maybe i shouldn't have been but there were more pipes and machinery things and they were nice.
thinking about glass and sandblasting.
glass update shortly.
disliking lifedrawing pose and drawing girl behind lifedrawing pose.
the end.

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  1. jess, I'm so glad I know you, I love you, you're brilliant.