Thursday, July 1, 2010


Above: leftovers from collage attempts.
Below: one face, two backs, one rabbit.

My feet are about as cold as they might be if they were nakles.

Below: Finishing the page. with dress pieces and observations and little crumpled pieces of Daylesford leaf and tape.
And a little silver star from Cho's birthday drinks.
Above: inky rabbit, veins, my hand on the back of someone's seat, life drawing, the building near the tram stop, amazing-wonderous squishy sort of wrinkles on a man's face as he bizarre-ly pressed his fingers against his face.
Below: blind contour drawings of hands and arms playing bass. some flowers i collected on my way home from the train at least a month ago because i thought they might get cold and die and i'd have missed them. and all the eyes on the train.

And I was thinking about that lady photographer. i will remember her name when i get my photomedia things back. who followed people. with her camera, and wrote down notes. and then tried to follow herself. at the same time as someone else did.
and so i started writing down what people were doing in my train carriage and on the tram.
i just. think people are interesting is all.

things to look forward to:
Jess discovering that John Olsen does pretty good portraits.

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