Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm painting Will.

i'm always painting Will.
don't tell him though.
he can find out if he happens to check. he of the three very demanding blogs.

oh amazing! i can re-cap on my paintings of Will.
oil on canvas
The result of a conversation over a poor quality photograph.
"Will, you look like Jesus."
"I do not."
"Oh yeah?" *paints*

acrylic and charcoal on canvas
(Will's canvas)
Will being tired - painted from life - on Yuan's bed in London. while he was likely on youtube.

Will today.
post dying his hair.
i'm not done.
i'm likely still not done.
crud. i got pen-happy and now the eyes are warped and the hair is swirly.
this is becoming all a bit ridiculous and i'm starting to like the first one best with its non-matching eyes and non-overworkedness.
i'd better get it right this next time or that is it.
Will's third imortalisation will be the devil.
and the first was jesus.
making me think perhaps i should stop now while there's a weird sort of humour.

acrylic and pen on moleskine
okay, that's it.

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