Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going Down Swinging!

a few posts back i said there would be news:
Going Down Swinging
Issue 31

i was asked to illustrate the cover! (above)
and have a few illustrations also frolicking on the inside!

Going Down Swinging is a literary magazine
based in Australia,
publishing amazing creations for your eyes and ears and minds.

this is going to be the first DIGITAL EDITION,

where it will be environmentally happy and available on itunes, everywhere.

sneak-details to be found on Geoff's blog

it's being launched on the 17th of June,

(this friday)
Launch: at The Builders Arms
211 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
Friday June 17
8 pm to 11 pm
Entry free/donation

the cover also comes with a little film,
where you can watch 20 minutes of drawing
and cutting and inking become about three and a half.
and also a whole lotta draft images of the cover.
i got draft-enthusiastic.

Also featuring in the next issue (#32):

there will be illustration by the lovely,
whimsical, folky conjurer of floating twigs
and wearer of grrreat jumpers,
Aaron Billings

might see you at the launch/
might pretend to see you by looking out through the video,
or you might see the edges of my fringe
and the sleeves of my top by looking into it

(ha, when you buy Going Down Swinging Issue #31).


EDIT: you can buy ISSUE #31 HERE!

for $5. and it looks damn fine on an iPad/iPhone.
which most people who aren't me seem to have these days.


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