Saturday, June 18, 2011

Going Down Swinging Launch

(click to pur-chase)

last night was the launch for Going Down Swinging Issue #31

i sat and did drawings because i can't help it/like to.

^ these are some people around me, including jo, who writes creatively
^ this is some writing
^ this is a bit tidied. don't look too closely. it has fuzzy edges.

^ this is a performance of The Siren and The Sailor,
(a piece in GDS that i illustrated)

^ Andrew
playing violin with amazement body directions.

 thanks, cat, for sitting up the back and eating cookies with me.



  1. Hey Jesm - thanks for uploading your amazing sketches from the other night.

    that link you asked for the Interim Lovers is


  2. Hey Andrew!
    Thanks for being such a wonderful whole-body violinist! :D

  3. No worries,

    hey - shoot me an email (i assume you can do that without me posting my email address here through google?)

    I'm interested in your illustration style for some possible projects in the planning stages

  4. Hey Andrew!
    I'm not able to access your email address,
    but you can contact me at and drawing discussion times can be had! x