Wednesday, May 12, 2010

feet equinox.

*names post after captcha*

this is a page.
it starts off with triangles made of watercolour. it then discusses painty splatterings on the work bench in the sculpture studio. then weaving. then ideas for sculpture - wire ideas. also louise bourgeois.

and two ladies with joined hair.

and the shell of a spider.

i saw a lady on the train and she had an amazing profile. so she is top left with squid hair. and then one to the right with fish hair.
also the pretty model from lifedrawing with red hair. emma jayne.
and snail hair. and a fish hand. and still life hair.

*leaves out a page or two*

after her status of despair, jess has another try at watercolouring the impossible paper. and finds it to be bordering less impossible.

original arts:
amedeo modigliani
Nude, c.1912
The Madonna with the Long Neck, c.1532

half watching movies, half watercolour.

*takes a bite from a curious bread and spreads crumbs over sketchbook. at least they sound nice.*

i adore this.
it is plate 1 of nine engravings by louise bourgeois. titled: he disappeared into complete silence, 1947.

Once there was a girl and she
loved a man.
They had a date next to the
eighth street station of the sixth
avenue subway.
She had put on her good clothes
and a new hat. Somehow he could
not come. So the purpose of this
picture is to show how beautiful
she was. I really mean that she
was beautiful.

and this will be my last moleskine upload for the day.
i have glass uploads coming up.

drawing class at uni = collage. so this is the happiest result of my second session of doing collage. at least since being a lot smaller and a lot more anti-collage.
goodevening from jess.

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  1. what a lovely long post Jess, I adore Modigliani. There is an excellent collage exhibition at the Ian Potter at the moment, I was there today but had to leave because the gallery was closing, it includes Sally Smart and many others, It really made me a whole let less anti-collage.