Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crumbling Ecologies

is a project where there will be a lot of geranium love.
the project is by artist Jasmine Targett, 
who found a whole lotta artists to volunteer their geranium-leaf-slip-casting time.
i did a bit of the helping, and it was a good time.
and also a good reason:
art schools are running out of desire for ceramics.
= no more teachers = no more ceramic learning (or facilities)
geraniums: geraniums sit between plant and weed similarly
to ceramics sitting between art and craft.
some species of geraniums are becoming endangered,
as are the crafts (incl. tapestry, ceramics, glass.)

also, geraniums are pretty good.
these are some stems that were left bare after having their leaves plucked for the casting.
and then i put them in some dirt, and then they are back to amazement.
note: little fur.

if you'd like to come to the show (you're invited):
The Crumbling Ecologies Project
April 26 - June 9
Craft Vic
31 Flinders Lane, in the citteh.


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