Wednesday, January 19, 2011

eight feet.


so, have still been drawing, but have been doing extra thinking in place of extra digital documentation.

thoughts about:

hey jess, you're addicted to images
a whole body full

pips/seeds - green apple, loquats, sometimes cherries.
not so much to plant as because i like their shapes.

also hair.
small chopped ends, mainly a sort of blonde, mainly split.

reading: silly things like 'Shoulders', a book from lovely Cat about women in texas.

wearing: three different outer layers all made from lace.
all items black or white or grey, all paired with white socks and black laces.
black hairties, listening to cocorosie - uhm, visually pleasing. the sounds, too. if that works.

joining: Etsy and LookBook - excuse capitalisation. I'm new.

drawing: a little differently

learning: colours.

oh, i have a picture!

(Alongside/Partnered/Collaborating with the lovely Miss Cat N Pieper) was in an art/music/sounds experimental night of the title:
fabio umberto, psychward vs RSI, tss, trendy dad & drongo
at Loophole

photos and evening's curation by
John Kyritsistwo films by Jess and Cat,
one on bugs, one on colours.
both with emphasis on light and eating apricots under an eight foot tripod.

p.s. things which are also good this week:

Performance NUDE
709.04075 B219P 2009
Barcode: 33168028701304
Published by
Other Criteria, London 2009

it has some photos of some performance art,
it's like (but more eloquent and less clothes than) when i sit on the tram/train and watch people - ha! how uncomfortable - and take little notes of what they are doing, like brushing hair out of their face, tapping heels, rotating watch, straightening eyelids.
except she gets a naked person to stand quietly and she (Fiona Banner) has a large white paper, and a bold sort of marker, and she writes nice things, like '...denting the flesh. she stretches, lifting her tits pulling her whole skin up onto its frame. armpits tur-
ned inside out. ribs breathing through the skin stomach bellowing. slowly, in and out'
all in capitals.
and about a boy:
'hair flecked white thigh'
and people sit on arranged and matching folding chairs to watch.

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